The Paintless Dent Repair Process

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Hail storms, golf balls, walnuts, bumps, and dings – Paintless Dent Repair is often the most affordable, most seamless, and least invasive method when it comes to removing the dents from metal panels. Tri-County Paintless Dent Repair utilizes industry-specific tools and training to ease nasty dents out of the panels. When done correctly, this leaves the existing finish intact, correcting the damage without leaving a trace!

How Does PDR Work?

Paintless dent repair is the SMART choice and allows the technician to maintain the integrity of the existing vehicle finish. SMART is an acronym for “Small Medium Area Repair Technology” and allows for the fast, efficient removal of dings, dents, and scratches without the need for days of traditional bodywork. How does SMART paintless dent repair work? By working the damaged panel from the back (or occasionally the front), the dent can be massaged out of the metal panel. This negates the need for expensive and possibly mismatched finish removal and respraying.

Traditional body shop techniques center around filling in the dent, trying to match the color of the existing finish, and often refinishing the entire body panel. PDR repairs the actual dent itself and blends the existing factory finish to create a seamless result. No method looks better and Tri-County Paintless Dent Repair is convinced that you will find our SMART PDR to be the best method to get your car road-ready once again.

Tri-County Paintless Dent Repair works with vehicle owners, dealerships, body shops, detail shops, insurance companies, and mechanics shops across the Michiana region. No job is too small. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, tractor-trailers, appliances, pontoon boats – if it has metal panels, Tri-County PDR can fix it!

Business owner Keven Privett has worked on hundreds of PDR projects, resulting in hundreds of satisfied customers. Whether it is large dings from hail storm damage or a nasty dent from backing into an unseen obstacle, you can trust that Tri-County Paintless Dent Repair has the tools, expertise, and dedication required to get you back on the road – in style!

Benefits of Working with Tri-County Paintless Dent Repair

  • Real-World Experience Owner Keven Privett understands that certifications can only go so far. After receiving his Vale Training PDR Certification, he has amassed nearly two decades of experience working on vehicles ranging from daily drivers to coveted garage queens. He brings the same level of care and expertise to each client's set of wheels.
  • Quick-Dash Turnaround Time is money. Tri-County PDR jumps on jobs quickly and gives accurate estimates to ensure your vehicle is ready to roll out within days, not weeks!
  • Cost-Effective Paintless dent repair is not just the best looking option, it is also the most affordable. Removing the arduous steps of sanding, filling, and spraying to repair a dent also removes much of the cost. Tri-County Paintless Dent Repair, completes high quality work while striving to keep our prices reasonable.
  • Retain and Maintain Value Each dent and ding can detract not only from your vehicle's appearance but its resale value as well! By utilizing the PDR method, your vehicle is restored all while retaining its original paint and without the need for putty work or mismatched paint colors. Tri-County PDR can help renew the worth of your vehicle at a fraction of the price of normal body shop work.

Tri-County Paintless Dent Repair is headquartered in Kimmell, Indiana, and is pleased to service the following areas: 

  • Elkhart County
  • Kosciusko County
  • Saint Joseph County
  • LaGrange County
  • Noble County
  • Whitley County
  • Marshall County

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